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Dear Hubby,

You put up with me.  Oh, how you put up with me.  And I put up with you.  Boy, do I ever.  Our marriage is full of so many ups and downs.  We go from laughing to fighting to crying (well, mostly me crying) to making up and then laughing again.   It’s quite passionate, in a suburban married couple sort of way.

You share my thoughts, my dreams, and my son.  And you still make me happy.  Even though you really, really, really piss me off sometimes.  And I really, really, really piss you off sometimes too.  But it’s all ok in the end.  Because we’re in for the long haul. 

I’m happy I found you.  And that you found me.  And that we’re still here.  And you still make me smile.

Love, Mary


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Happy Halloween!

Ok, I only have about three hours left before Halloween is officially over, so I thought I’d sneak in our trick 0r treatin’ pictures.  We had a pretty uneventful day before hand – I snuck away while Frankie was napping (don’t worry, hubby was working at home & listening to the monitor) to get groceries and a little couponing action over at CVS.  I saved $35, got $4 back in Extra Care Bucks, AND got a $10 gift card!  Not bad for a coupon newbie.

Besides that, Frankie and I had lunch, read books, wrestled on the blowup mattress (still sitting there from my parents’ visit), and I swore under my breath while Frankie threw his favorite small plastic balls under the oven and got them stuck over and over again, and laughed while I dragged them out with a broom.  The blue one is still stuck under there.  I fought the war, and that damn blue ball won.

Around 4:45, I threw in a pizza and put Frankie in his Halloween costume.  He was a tiger this year.  I wanted him to be a kitty, since he loves our cats so much, but all of the kitty costumes were a little too feminine.  I mean, Frankie IS secure in his masculinity and all, but Halloween does call for manly outfits in order to impress the ladies.

Around 5ish, Hubby got home from work, and we quickly ate our pizza, handed out some candy and then took Frankie out in his wagon. 


Our Tiger was all set to go with his pumpkin bucket (it was actually mine when I was a kid).  Daddy did most of the wagon pulling….

while Mommy was in charge of holding hands while walking up to the door.  I’m so proud that he’s finally starting to walk, although he still needs to hold at least one hand.  Baby steps.  Literally.

And of course, I added my own costume in the form of Target $1 bin cat ears.  Just a couple of kitties, hanging out.

Frankie had a great time, and I was actually surprised that he seemed to enjoy it.  Even the couple of yipper dogs that we encountered didn’t faze him.

Well, eventually there was a meltdown.

We didn’t get many trick 0r treaters at our house, probably because we were candy hunting ourselves during most of the time.  Plus, we’re a townhouse, so it’s harder to see that we have candy to give out.

Now, what to do with all the candy that we collected and all the candy we didn’t give out?  Hmmm.  Right now, Hubby is telling me I need to hide the candy from him, as he sits surrounded by Snickers wrappers.

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

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I’m back, with some great pictures of our first Christmas together as a family of three!  Frankie had a wonderful time, and although he didn’t really know what was going on, I think he knew that something was special. 

Visiting Santa’s wonderland at the mall with Baba

Setting out cookies and milk for Santa with big cousin Joseph

Helping Mommy open her presents (which were basically a stocking full of chocolate – thanks honey!)

Enjoying the awesome kitchen that Santa Claus brought

Sharing a really cool big kid toy with Joseph

Enjoying time with Uncle Matt

Helping Grammy open her presents

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!

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