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That’s What He Said

Heard at our house the other day:

Me: What do you want to have for dinner?

Hubby: I thought we were having chili.

Me: Yeah, but I didn’t take the meat out until this morning, and it’s still all hard and frozen, so it’s not ready, and we have that speech therapist for Frankie coming at 6:00, so our schedule is really tight. So maybe just throw in that pizza?

Hubby: (smiling) So, are you telling me that you took out the meat and it’s still hard, and so it’s going to be tight?

Me: (silent, and then) Yes.

Literally every single time that I tell my husband that I’m taking out the meat for dinner tomorrow, he snickers. The man’s mind is in a constant state of perversion. But he makes me laugh.

Honey, this is why I married you.


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