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I haven’t been blogging because I haven’t been sleeping.  Of course, I haven’t actually slept a full straight 8 hours in 19 months, but anyways.  As I mentioned before, Frankie’s sleep schedule was nonexistent during the holidays, and (probably due to extreme sleep deprivation on his part) he slept almost through the night for the first few nights back in Springfield.  But that soon stopped, and I’ve found myself back to nursing about 2-3 times a night.  Giant sigh.  I know that I have to teach him to self-soothe and that he’s too old to be nursing every two hours.  I know.  I know.  But sometimes, a momma just got to get her sleep. 

Interestingly, tonight I nursed Frankie around 8:00 (a little early for us, but he didn’t nap long), and when I brought him upstairs, he woke up and sort of rolled around in the crib a bit.  I tried rubbing his back and humming this little hum song from Kimya Dawson that I love, and then resorted to rocking him and humming and rubbing.  He wasn’t asleep, but I was getting tired and started thinking, hmmm, maybe it’s Daddy’s turn now?  So I laid him down, and, lo and behold, he curled up and has been sleeping soundly for about an hour.  Is this the path to self-soothing?  We’ll see how it goes.

Repeat after me: he will be weaned before college.  He will be weaned before college.  He will be weaned before college.  (Note: this saying also works well by replacing weaned with sleep through the night/co-sleeping/potty trained/feeding himself/hurling himself to the floor in fits of temper.  That last one might happen during college).


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Christmas Card Time

I recently mentioned that we ordered our Christmas cards, and I wanted to share them with you.   We took this picture before going to the Bears / Packers game in September (sans Frankie, which was a pretty good idea considering I almost got caught in a fist fight between two drunken meatheads.  And we lost to the dreaded Green Bay Packers.  Drag.).  We made them through Shutterfly, and I really really wanted this other card that listed our top 5 moments of 2011, but even with all the extra discount codes that I had, it would cost us an extra $45, which is basically the cost of stamps.  So I couldn’t rationalize it.  Also, this is pretty much the most non-green thing I do all Christmas, so please ignore it.  I figure I’m helping out the struggling post office.  How’s that for rationalizing the paper and shipping?

But these turned out nice.  Cute, no?  Frankie looks a little stoned, but that’s better than screaming bloody murder.

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Look Who’s Walking!

Frankie has finally decided to walk!  Since he’s already 17 1/2 months old, and the developmental “deadline” for walking is 18 months, we were getting a little nervous.  In fact, in the spirit of full disclosure, I contacted Early Intervention (a government program for developmental delays) about a month ago to get him evaluated. 

So far, he’s been evaluated by a physical therapist, a developmental therapist, and a speech therapist, and it does appear that he has a slight delay, since he’s not talking yet and has some sensory issues (certain noises and situations easily upset him).  So we’re going to be seening these therapists once a week or so.  It actually made me feel BETTER to think that it’s not just me, and that he is a little more sensitive than other kids.  You know that nagging feeling in the back of your head that tells you something’s not right?  Well, I had that feeling.  Mother’s intuition, I suppose.  Does this mean that something’s wrong with Frankie?  Not at all – according to the therapists, he is perfectly healthy and has no physical problems, but he may need a little extra attention and a “push” in the right direction.  His sensory issues make him more stressed out than normal, which means he’s more focused on that stress than on exploring and learning.  But that’s nothing that can’t be fixed with a little nurturing and extra attention.

Anyhoo, here’s the funny part: after he saw the physical therapist for an evaluation, he started walking.  May I remind you that before this, he refused to walk, even when holding both of our hands?  And after this woman played games with him for an hour, he started walking all over the place holding onto ONE hand.  And after doing that for about two weeks, all of a sudden this past Saturday, he just took off.  The woman has the magic touch, I tell ya.

He thinks walking is hilarious!  He laughs almost the whole time while doing it.  And while he stills falls down and sometimes still wants to hold our hand, I can tell that each day he is getting stronger and stronger.  I’m so proud of my little guy!  See, I told you that he’s totally healthy, but that stubborn streak of his means that he won’t do something until he good and ready, darn it!

Here’s a video we took of Frankie’s first steps from this past Saturday. Please ignore my annoying, high pitched voice.  Do I really sound like that?

Frankie learns to walk! from Mary DiMaggio on Vimeo.

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House Tour!

I promised you a tour of our house, and I finally was able to: 1) take pictures of semi-cleaned rooms, to avoid all-out embarrassment; and 2) find the darn cord to my camera in the Forbidden Room of Cardboard Boxes (which you will soon see). 

I read a lot of blogs, esp. house-y, design-y ones, and they often talk about “keeping it real” and demonstrate their realness by showing “messy rooms.”  And I swear, their “messy rooms” are what my house looks like on a good day.  It’s like, OMG, there’s a NAPKIN ON THE FREAKIN’ TABLE! I’m so real.  Please.  In reality, our just-moved into townhouse has no decorating sense whatsoever, and there’s still boxes everywhere.  And I own absolutely nothing mid-century modern or I-found-it-at-this-little-vintage-shop-and-refinished-it.  I’m more of a, hey I found this at Target and put it together myself!  Of course, that being said, I waited to photograph the house until it was somewhat presentable.  You know, because I’m real like that.

A few notes on our townhouse: first off, we’re renters, so we we’re stuck with most of what you see here.  We can’t paint, we’re not supposed to drill into the walls, and we really can’t update anything.  So, I’m approaching the decorating of this place as quite the challenge. 

Let’s start with something simple, like our entryway.  It’s really something.  Bland gray door anyone?  And that gate took over two hours, one trip to Lowe’s, and a whole lot of four letter words to install.

Next, the living room.

And facing the other way:

Lots more needs to be done, but it’s a start.

Our soon-to-be wall o’ books, and my desk:

All of this was purchased new.  We had a large IKEA bookcase from the old house, but when we unloaded it on moving day, we realized that 1) it was unstable, and 2) to make it stable, it would have to be secured to the wall, and 3) because of the chair rail, we couldn’t secure it to the wall.  Drag.  And 4) the shorter bookcases are probably safer for the kiddies.

From there, we have the dining room:

Um, just ignore the half-finished wall of pictures.  It’s a work in progress.

And unfortunately, due to a certain toddler who will remain unnamed, our cat food is on the table.

Standing with your back to the dining room, you’ll see the kitchen:

And next to that, a full bath (well, functionally a half bath.  Again, due to a certain toddler’s curiosity and propensity for getting into things, the litter boxes are blocked off in the shower). 

Strangely, this bathroom might be the only room actually decorated.  You see where my priorities lie.

So that’s the first floor.  On to the upstairs.  The upstairs bathroom, which we use much more.  And where Frankie throws my bottles and makeup into the toilet.

I actually really like the cabinet and countertop in there.  For the first time, I have actual drawers in my bathroom.  And two sinks!  Double!  I get excited easily.

Our bedroom.  This may be the least decorated room in the house.  Again, you see where my priorities lie.

See the sexy childproof bars on the bed?  Pretty hot stuff.

Frankie’s room is next.  It’s not really decorated yet, but it is typically the one room where everything is put in its place on a daily basis.  Mostly because there’s just poopy diapers and dirty laundry in there.

And last, there’s the spare room, or what I like to call the Forbidden Room of Cardboard Boxes.  Actually, we cleaned this room out already, for my parents’ visit, but I know how the bloggy world loved dramatic before and afters.  Well, here’s the before:

Oh, I almost forgot the outside and the basement.  First the outside, looking out from the dining room:

And the basement. 

Sic!  I’m not showing you that!  It’s creepy and worse than the Forbidden Room of Boxes.

So there you have it!  Our Springfield home.  It’s nothing fancy, but it’s growing on me, and little by little it’s getting to feel more like home.  I still have a huge list of things that I want to do here, like, um, finish unpacking all my crap.

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The following conversation was heard at our house last week:

(doorbell rings)

ME: Who’s that?


ME: (silence)

HUBBY: Oh, it’s the books I ordered.

ME: (relieved sigh)

HUBBY: Who ordered something from Macy’s?

ME: (silence)

HUBBY: (silence)

ME: (more silence, followed by) Um, I don’t know.

HUBBY: (smiling) I think you know. 

(Hubby opens up package to find a floral rug)

ME: Huh.  How did that get here?  Frankie must have ordered something new for us. 

HUBBY: Is this one of those times where you ordered something and thought that if you just put it out in our house, I would either assume it was always there, or not notice it at all?

ME: Maybe.  Would you have noticed?

HUBBY: Probably not.

It was again one of those moments that made me feel like I’m living in an I Love Lucy episode.  All I need is to convince hubby to scold me in a Cuban accent.

Anyways, here’s the old rug in front of our kitchen sink.  Notice Frankie’s disturbed face.  You’re right, Frankie, red is so 2010.

And here’s the new rug in our kitchen.  Ain’t she a beaut?

Frankie agrees.

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Such a bad blogger.  I ignore my poor little blog  and while I have tons of blog posts written in my head, I never seem to have time to actually write them down on paper.  I mean, on computer.

Things I’ve been up to lately:

– going through tons o’crap at our house in preparation for our move.  I wish I was better at taking before pictures, because let me tell ya, the afters are awesome.  Our laundry room has an actual visible floor, and I found about 20 cans of cat food buried beneath our tower of plastic bags.  So our house is starting to look somewhat organized, and I’ve realized that we’ve been holding onto lots of worthless possessions.  A garage sale is in the works.

– Frankie had his first Easter!  We celebrated with my parents and Grandpa, and then Tony’s mom and siblings later in the day.  Frankie gots lots of Gerber puffs in his Easter basket, and took part in dying eggs.  And by dying eggs, I mean he sat in his high chair and screamed and me and my mother while we dyed eggs.  And I almost gave my mom a heart attack when I told her that the eco-friendly dyes that I bought cost $15.

– Frankie went through a massive teething episode, in which I barely slept for about 3 weeks.  This accounts for the majority of my blog absence.  This past weekend, however, he gave me the ultimate Mother’s Day gift: the gift of sleep.  On Saturday night, he only woke up once, and then last night, he slept in his crib the whole night and didn’t wake us up until 5:30, and then slept for another hour.

So this is what it sounds like when doves cry?

I literally feel like a different human being.  I had actual energy today, and didn’t feel like biting my husband’s head off in some sort praying mantis ritual.

– In general, we’ve just been busy with organizing and cleaning and planning Frankie’s first birthday party (can you believe it!) and thinking about our move and working and more cleaning and keeping up with a teething/crawling/constantly hungry little guy.  So can you forgive my absence?  I wish I could promise to be a better blogger, but until sleep comes on a regular basis, I promise nothing.

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Big News!

About two days ago, we found out that Tony had gotten a teaching job that he applied for. Oh happy day! No more unemployed, subsisting-on-student-loans-and-WIC for us!

The only caveat is that we have to move about 3 hours south to Springfield, IL, where we know no one and nothing. And the thought of moving out of town with a baby and two cats is a little frightening to me. And trying to do it green? Scary. Lately, I’ve been invoking my inner Scarlett and deciding to just think about it tomorrow.

Just wanted to share the news!

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