Over the holidays, we found out that my brother-in-law Jon proposed to his girlfriend Kristina!  So happy for them!  And of course, immediately after the engagement announcement, us girls started wedding planning.  It’s a part of our girly DNA.  Tony, Frankie, and I were asked to stand up, and while the wedding is not happening until the fall of 2013, I automatically had a thought: I will have to breastfeed in my bridesmaid dress.  Not Frankie (fingers crossed that he’ll be weaned by then!), but the future baby of mine yet to be born, but (hopefully!) born in the next two years (and hopefully BEFORE the wedding – no one likes to be a preggo bridesmaid).

Long story short, my Google searches for nursing bridesmaid dresses brought me to an awesome breastfeeding fashion blog Milkfriendly.  Let me first say, this chick is amazing.  She actually manages to make boobie-accessible clothing look good.  Damn good.  Definitely worth checking out. 

And, Milkfriendly’s writer, Maryam, is also the co-owner and co-founder of Green Your Air, a company that sells houseplants that help clean your house of nasty toxins and such.  Our houses are filled with all sorts of toxins – paint fumes, cheap wood furniture, and cleaning products, all that can off gas very dangerous chemicals into our indoor air.  The Green Your Air website offers more in-depth information and the scientific research behind this idea, which you can find here.

Oh, and I did I mention that the containers are adorable?  They would make a nice gift…hmmm, maybe for a future engagement party I will be invited to?  I especially like their baby gift idea – a mini plant in either a pink or blue planter.  Both my friend Kari and my sister-in-law Sam are pregnant with their third baby (and due about the same time!), and honestly, isn’t it hard to buy something for the experienced mom?  I mean, they already own all the necessities, and unless the baby is of a different gender (Kari has all boys and Sam has all girls), clothes are superfluous.  But I love the idea of a cute plant that actually does baby good.

If you’re interested in buying a plant, you can use the code MILKFRIENDLY until January 22nd to get 25% off.  Enjoy!

Update: Hello readers!  You can also use the code MARYD25 until January 22nd to get 25% off your plants as well!


I haven’t been blogging because I haven’t been sleeping.  Of course, I haven’t actually slept a full straight 8 hours in 19 months, but anyways.  As I mentioned before, Frankie’s sleep schedule was nonexistent during the holidays, and (probably due to extreme sleep deprivation on his part) he slept almost through the night for the first few nights back in Springfield.  But that soon stopped, and I’ve found myself back to nursing about 2-3 times a night.  Giant sigh.  I know that I have to teach him to self-soothe and that he’s too old to be nursing every two hours.  I know.  I know.  But sometimes, a momma just got to get her sleep. 

Interestingly, tonight I nursed Frankie around 8:00 (a little early for us, but he didn’t nap long), and when I brought him upstairs, he woke up and sort of rolled around in the crib a bit.  I tried rubbing his back and humming this little hum song from Kimya Dawson that I love, and then resorted to rocking him and humming and rubbing.  He wasn’t asleep, but I was getting tired and started thinking, hmmm, maybe it’s Daddy’s turn now?  So I laid him down, and, lo and behold, he curled up and has been sleeping soundly for about an hour.  Is this the path to self-soothing?  We’ll see how it goes.

Repeat after me: he will be weaned before college.  He will be weaned before college.  He will be weaned before college.  (Note: this saying also works well by replacing weaned with sleep through the night/co-sleeping/potty trained/feeding himself/hurling himself to the floor in fits of temper.  That last one might happen during college).

2012 is officially here!  And yes, I am about 7 days late with that announcement.  And I haven’t touched my blog in weeks.  Yup.  Well, it’s time to start tackling my new year’s resolution #1: actually write on my freakin’ blog.

After the chaos of Christmas and traveling to Chicago and trying to see as many family and friends as possible and traveling back to Springfield and unpacking and trying to the little guy back onto some sort of sleep routine (aren’t you tired just reading all that?), coming back home and settling into 2012 feels refreshing.  But also inspiring.  This is it.  This is the year.  The year we get our acts together.  The year where everything has a place.  The year where I can actually find my SS card without shedding a tear at the piles of a paperwork.

So new year’s resolution #2: Get organized. 

And, lest I remind my readers (hi Mom!) of the purpose of this blog, new year’s resolution #3 is be greener.  We are already a shade greener than the majority of people – we recycle, we cloth diaper, I reuse containers.  You know, the easy stuff.  But there are some things that I think we could do much, much better.  Like more diy, eating more organic (or, rather, find room in our budget for more organic), and just in general being even more conscious of our actions.

And because I’m so anal retentive, I made cute little lists my year o’ organizing and year o’ greening:

Monthly Organizing
January Kitchen
February Living/Dining Room
March Office
April Nursery
May Outside
June Bathrooms
July Basement (finished)
August Basement (unfinished)
September Photos
October Bedroom
November Emergency
December Computers/Electronics


Organic Food DIY
January milk Diaper rash cream
February eggs Lip balm
March apples Toothpaste
April peanut butter Laundry detergent
May red meat Disinfectant wipes
June strawberries Window cleaner
July chocolate Shower spray
August coffee/tea Air freshener
September chicken Granola bars
October swiss cheese Deodorant
November mozzarella cheese Candles
December juice Christmas gifts

The plan is to tackle one thing at a time.  A problem I always have is that I get an idea in my head, go full speed ahead with it, get majorly burnt out, and then nothing happens.  So this time around, I’m trying to do one thing a month: organize and declutter one room at a time, add one thing organic to our diet, and make one thing from scratch.  It looks so simple on paper, right?  Of course, now that I’ve announced this whole plan to the internet world, I have to follow through.  Crap.

I just got back from my MOPS meeting, and for some reason, I’m totally embarrassed and frustrated as a mom afterwards today.  Why?  Because my kid had a gigantic meltdown at the end, in front of everyone.  And of course NO ONE at the group would ever say anything, since they are a fantastic group of ladies, but I felt downtrodden, like, why my kid?  Doesn’t every mom feel that way at one time or another?

As I mentioned before, we had Early Intervention come out and evaluate Frankie.  You know that nagging feeling in the back of your head that tells you something is amiss?  Well, I listened to that voice.  Turns out that our little guy is Mr. Sensitivity, in that he does have a few developmental delays (mostly speech and a little cognitive) that, the theory is, are due to his hyper sensitivity to his surroundings.  In other words, he gets so worked up over large crowds, change, and his environment in general that it prohibits him from learning as quickly as other kids.

What does this mean for Frankie?  He gets one-on-one time with a speech, developmental, and occupational therapists.  What does this mean for Mommie?  That I get some feedback and some tips for how to deal with a hyper-sensitive little guy who easily has complete meltdowns in front of people.  I’m really looking forward to the sessions; rather than think, oh no there’s something wrong with my baby, I have the attitude of YES!  It’s not just in  my head!  He really does need the extra help!

Hopefully this will help us get through the holidays.  I know that people mean well when they want to see Frankie, but seriously, you need to get out of my kid’s face – he doesn’t like it!  Can’t you see he’s arching backwards away from you?  Parties are rough like that.  He clings to me, and generally wants nothing to do with our relatives.  And of course, I sit there and wonder how many of them are thinking what a bad/enabler/martyr/overprotective mother I am.

So anyways…I just wanted to vent about that.  Maybe no one’s looking at me and my kid.  Or maybe I should just not give a shit.

Heard at our house the other day:

Me: What do you want to have for dinner?

Hubby: I thought we were having chili.

Me: Yeah, but I didn’t take the meat out until this morning, and it’s still all hard and frozen, so it’s not ready, and we have that speech therapist for Frankie coming at 6:00, so our schedule is really tight. So maybe just throw in that pizza?

Hubby: (smiling) So, are you telling me that you took out the meat and it’s still hard, and so it’s going to be tight?

Me: (silent, and then) Yes.

Literally every single time that I tell my husband that I’m taking out the meat for dinner tomorrow, he snickers. The man’s mind is in a constant state of perversion. But he makes me laugh.

Honey, this is why I married you.

I recently mentioned that we ordered our Christmas cards, and I wanted to share them with you.   We took this picture before going to the Bears / Packers game in September (sans Frankie, which was a pretty good idea considering I almost got caught in a fist fight between two drunken meatheads.  And we lost to the dreaded Green Bay Packers.  Drag.).  We made them through Shutterfly, and I really really wanted this other card that listed our top 5 moments of 2011, but even with all the extra discount codes that I had, it would cost us an extra $45, which is basically the cost of stamps.  So I couldn’t rationalize it.  Also, this is pretty much the most non-green thing I do all Christmas, so please ignore it.  I figure I’m helping out the struggling post office.  How’s that for rationalizing the paper and shipping?

But these turned out nice.  Cute, no?  Frankie looks a little stoned, but that’s better than screaming bloody murder.

Frankie has finally decided to walk!  Since he’s already 17 1/2 months old, and the developmental “deadline” for walking is 18 months, we were getting a little nervous.  In fact, in the spirit of full disclosure, I contacted Early Intervention (a government program for developmental delays) about a month ago to get him evaluated. 

So far, he’s been evaluated by a physical therapist, a developmental therapist, and a speech therapist, and it does appear that he has a slight delay, since he’s not talking yet and has some sensory issues (certain noises and situations easily upset him).  So we’re going to be seening these therapists once a week or so.  It actually made me feel BETTER to think that it’s not just me, and that he is a little more sensitive than other kids.  You know that nagging feeling in the back of your head that tells you something’s not right?  Well, I had that feeling.  Mother’s intuition, I suppose.  Does this mean that something’s wrong with Frankie?  Not at all – according to the therapists, he is perfectly healthy and has no physical problems, but he may need a little extra attention and a “push” in the right direction.  His sensory issues make him more stressed out than normal, which means he’s more focused on that stress than on exploring and learning.  But that’s nothing that can’t be fixed with a little nurturing and extra attention.

Anyhoo, here’s the funny part: after he saw the physical therapist for an evaluation, he started walking.  May I remind you that before this, he refused to walk, even when holding both of our hands?  And after this woman played games with him for an hour, he started walking all over the place holding onto ONE hand.  And after doing that for about two weeks, all of a sudden this past Saturday, he just took off.  The woman has the magic touch, I tell ya.

He thinks walking is hilarious!  He laughs almost the whole time while doing it.  And while he stills falls down and sometimes still wants to hold our hand, I can tell that each day he is getting stronger and stronger.  I’m so proud of my little guy!  See, I told you that he’s totally healthy, but that stubborn streak of his means that he won’t do something until he good and ready, darn it!

Here’s a video we took of Frankie’s first steps from this past Saturday. Please ignore my annoying, high pitched voice.  Do I really sound like that?

Frankie learns to walk! from Mary DiMaggio on Vimeo.